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All Research is About Stories: Connecting Your Academic Work to Public Conversations
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Date:Wednesday, 03/18/2020
Place:Clemons 407
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Think journalists are usually wrong about your areas of interest, but want to make your work legible outside the academic journal scene? This talk / workshop is designed to help participants translate academic knowledge to non-academic audiences and situate themselves in the larger cultural conversation about power, expertise, and media. We’ll discuss common challenges and barriers to doing research in public, especially those faced by people in historically marginalized or politicized fields of study, as well as develop support and strategies for people who want to exchange knowledge with those outside academia. Throughout, we’ll stay grounded in real-world skills– making a strong pitch, finding the story and character in your work, identifying appropriate venues, and dealing with feedback. This is a hands-on workshop but don’t let that scare you. No preparation or prior experience required.

Cassius Adair is an audio producer, writer, and researcher who lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This event is open to all, but registration is required due to seating limitations. Please sign up here.

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