People // Sarah McEleney
  • Prototyping Fellow, 2018-2019
  • Praxis Fellow, 2016-2017

Sarah is a Ph.D. student in the department of Slavic Languages and Literature at UVa.  Her dissertation focuses on the cultural history of Crimea in the Soviet Union, and her main research interests concern the literature and media of the late USSR.  She has worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Slavic department, teaching 1st and 2nd year Russian at UVa.  She has also received an M.A. in Linguistics, and spent time teaching English as a second language.  In addition to Russian, she has also studied the Polish, French, and Ukrainian languages.  She is interested in the digital humanities in relation to the Slavic studies and is looking forward to learning new ways that digital technologies can be used to better understand literature and history.