Scholars' Lab Blog //Virtual GIS Workshop Series for Spring 2021
Blog //Virtual GIS Workshop Series for Spring 2021

This Spring, we’ll be focusing entirely on ArcGIS Online (AGOL), Esri’s GIS solution for the cloud. AGOL is browser-based, eliminating any Windows vs. Mac shenanigans, and enabling us to provide temporary access to members of the Charlottesville community that don’t have UVA credentials.

All sessions are one hour and assume participants have no previous experience using GIS. Sessions will be hands-on demonstrations with step-by-step tutorials and expert assistance. All sessions will be taught on Tuesdays from 1PM to 2PM and are free and open to the UVa and larger Charlottesville community. Late-comers are welcome and encouraged, registration is open until 1 hour before class. Use the links below to register and get a Zoom link.

February 9th - Introduction to ArcGIS Online

With ArcGIS Online, you can use and create maps and scenes, access ready-to-use maps, layers and analytics, publish data as web layers, collaborate and share, access maps from any device, make maps with your Microsoft Excel data, and customize the ArcGIS Online website.

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February 16th - Find and Create Spatial Data

Start your data search with AGOL’s curated collection of geographic information from around the globe. Not finding the data you seek? We’ll cover how to create your own data, and how to share it with the world.

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February 23rd - Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online provides a select set of the most common analysis tools, all from the convenience of your browser. Perform basic analysis with tools like Buffer and Spatial Join. Or, enhance your data, taking advantage of the always up-to-date elevation, streets, and demographics data available in ArcGIS Online with tools like Create Viewshed, Find Nearest, and Enrich. Come to learn and stay for stories about the old days when we had to create all that data ourselves. Uphill. Both ways!!

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March 2nd - Advanced Web Mapping and Visualization

Pop-ups, filters, clustering, advanced symbology. There are many ways to personalize your maps, enhancing the story your data tells. We’ll dive into some of the advanced functionality that allows you to fine-tune your Web Maps.

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**March 9th - Break Day, No Workshop!

Enjoy a short break. We’ll see you next week!

March 16th - App Your Map with Web AppBuilder

Would you like to make a custom online mapping application without have to code? Us too. ArcGIS Web AppBuilder allows developers to use drag and drop tools to create responsive mapping applications.

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March 23rd - Introduction to ArcGIS StoryMaps

StoryMaps is a web application builder that allows you to give context to your ArcGIS Online maps. Whether telling a story, giving a tour or comparing historic maps, StoryMaps is an easy-to-use application that creates a polished presentation.

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March 30th - Location Analytics with ArcGIS Insights

Is “location analytics” just a catchy buzzphrase? Probably, but while trendy terminology comes and goes, understanding your data is timeless. We’ll delve into this data analytics tool that allows you to explore your data, spatial and non-spatial, in an interactive workspace.

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April 6th - Collect Data in the Field with Survey 123

Whether you are crowd sourcing spatial data or performing survey work, having an application that records location and uploads data directly to a mapping application is incredibly useful.

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