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What We Do

We're the UVA Library's community lab for the practice of experimental scholarship in all fields, informed by digital humanities, spatial technologies, & cultural heritage thinking.

We offer mentoring, collaboration, & a safe space for anyone curious about learning to push disciplinary & methodological boundaries through new approaches.

We're foremost a space for learning together—about anything—by trying stuff. Think of us as friends and colleagues who can help you teach yourself new ways of approaching your interests. We'd love you to be part of our community!

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We're part of the Library's mission to provide equitable access to learning to everyone, and we're proud that librarian superpowers are part of our toolkit!

Visit our Library collaborations hub to find out about the many ways we co-create with and depend on our amazing Library colleagues, or jump to the UVA Library's main website.

Contact Us

Curious? Please get in touch with us—absolutely no prior experience or fully formed ideas needed!

Email us at ScholarsLab@Virginia.edu with questions, or if you already know you want to meet with us. Sign up for our newsletter to hear about events and opportunities!

Floor diagram of Scholars' Lab spaces
  • The Common Room:
    Alderman 419
  • Makerspace:
    Alderman 419
  • The Seminar Room:
    Alderman 423
  • The Classroom:
    Alderman 421
  • Open Office Hours
  • Staff offices

All hours & spaces

Cancelled: Open Office Hours

  • When: 10-11:30am Wednesdays, during fall and spring term (**currently cancelled due to COVID-19**)
  • Where: Scholars' Lab's discussion area just inside our Common Room.

Come chat with our experts about anything, from your getting started through advanced projects.

One of our primary missions is supporting the work of emerging scholars and practitioners—particularly UVa graduate students and folks interested in digital humanities and spatial technologies.

We offer a variety of fellowships and opportunities to this end, which collectively aim to support graduate students during the full measure of their time at UVA.

From the innovative Praxis Program to professionalization training for students on the DH job market, we're here to help whether you're looking to answer a specific call for applications or simply looking to discuss your research.

COVID-19 Update: All UVA Libraries are closed until further notice. Scholars' Lab staff working remotely will continue to provide online consultations for online teaching, research, and coursework. Contact us at scholarslab@virginia.edu with your makerspace needs, as well as GIS, VR, digital project, and other needs. Read more.

The Scholars’ Lab Makerspace is a place for tinkering and experimentation with technologies like desktop fabrication, physical computing, and augmented reality. Open to everyone, we specialize in applications and research questions in the humanities and arts.

Find things like 3-D printing, wearable technologies, physical computing, & more at our space in the middle of the Scholars' Lab Common Area.

Experts at thinking about space + time.

We've got experts in GIS, cultural heritage informatics, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D modeling, photogrammetry and scanning, aerial footage, and other spatial approaches (including our own Neatline project for telling stories that combine timelines and maps).