People // Ammon Shepherd
Makerspace Manager and Lead Research Technologist

Ammon is the Makerspace Manager and Lead Research Technologist at the Scholars’ Lab where he oversees the day-to-day running of the Makerspace, coordinates the work of the student Technologists, 3D prints, prototypes with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, sews, develops websites, teaches various workshops, and collaborates with everyone.

Ammon has BA’s in History and German from Arizona State University, an MA in Modern European History from George Mason University and is ABD PhD in Modern European History from GMU. His dissertation in rough draft is at Research interests include making in academia particularly in the humanities, 3D printing, consumer and hacker electronics, especially using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, technology, aviation, religion. He is especially interested in using technology to do humanities research and presentation, often known as Digital Humanities, and creating a field of Physical Humanities that applies physical technology to the humanities. Particularly, he wants everyone to feel empowered to change their circumstances and their society through learning technology, and to know that any topic is available for them to learn.

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