Open Hours and Access

The Makerspace staff provides consultations and instruction for all your electronics, crafting, textiles, laser cutting, and 3D printing projects whenever the Makerspace is open, or by appointment. Please drop in, or send inquiries to

Or schedule a consultation with Ammon, manager of our Makerspace.


The Scholars’ Lab Makerspace is strategically situated within the UVA Library to be open, provide a low barrier of entry to making, and be a helpful resource of information, technology and support. The space invites all people, and proactively encourages those in underrepresented academic studies, ethnicities, genders, economic classes and skill levels to come, learn, make, and be empowered to improve their education, research, and community. The Makerspace is an active participant in academic research through independent and collaborative work with scholars to explore, understand, and report on emerging technologies, methodologies and pedagogies in a variety of disciplines.


All humans are dreamers, creators, and achievers. Our mission is to provide the place, the tools, and the support to empower people to dream, create, and achieve.

Using the Makerspace

The Makerspace is open to all UVA students, staff and faculty, regardless of department, major, academic or personal interests, or any other characteristic. We hope you will find the equipment, resources and support to help you MAKE anything (within reason) you want to make.

You can stop in any time during our open hours, or contact us at to schedule an appointment with a Makerspace Technologist or Scholars’ Lab staff to discuss your project.

We love working with faculty to support class projects! Send your requests and ideas to our Makerspace Manager, Ammon Shepherd, at

Use the Library Equipment Reservation site to reserve equipment.


We have two Bernina 350 Series sewing machines and a Juki MO-644D serger available for reservation or walk-in use.

3D Printing

We have four FFF style printers and one Resin (SLA) printer available for reservation. To use the printers, you can come in during open hours for in-person training and on-the-spot reservation. In order to reserve printers for future use, you will need to complete an on-line certification. The on-line certification is forthcoming, so the only way to use the 3D printers for now is to come in during open hours and speak with a Technologist to reserve a printer after in-person training.

3D printing is still available through the 3D Printing Studio in the Robertson Media Center in Clemons Library. To use the printers there, you need to complete an online training, then reserve a 3D printer during their open hours. Email with any questions.

The 3D printers are completely different from each other in each space, so training on 3D Printing Studio printers does not automatically grant access to the Makerspace printers, although the on-line training is similar.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutter is not yet available. We'll update this page as soon as installation and training process is complete.


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Resources to teach a workshop

Resources to learn at your own pace

Makerspace Techs
Student Technologists
Kroesna Chour3D Printing, Button Making, Stickers, Origami
Link Fu:Button Making, Stickers, Textiles, Crafting, Cosplay
Yejun KimElectronics, CAD
Megan Masri:Button Making, Stickers
Jordan Phan:Sewing, Textiles
Tingyo Tan:CAD, Desktop CNC, 3D Printing, Electronics, Photogrammetry
Jennifer Truong:Button Making, Stickers, Wacom Drawing Tablet, Digital Artwork
Hans Yang:3D printing
Critical Making Fellow
Holly Zhou:Programming, Poetry, Project Management
Makerspace Volunteers
Qianqian ShaoFabrics, Textiles, Sewing
Brooke CarmodyTextiles, Wearables, Soldering, Desktop CNC
Sarah Hemler3D Printing, Solidworks and AutoDesk, Electronics, Photoshop Software and Drawing Tablets, Audacity and Musescore
Makerspace Manager & Lead Research Technologist
Ammon Shepherd:3D Printing, Electronics, Programming, Web Development, Digital Humanities, Sewing
Scholars’ Lab Staff Technologists
Laura Miller:3D Printing, Photogrammetry, Digital Humanities
Shane Lin:3D Printing, Programming, Digital Humanities
Jeremy Boggs:3D Printing, Electronics, Programming, Digital Humanities
What’s in the Makerspace?

All equipment can be reserved for use in the Makerspace. Use the Library Equipment Reservation site to reserve equipment.

  • Prusa Mini
  • Prusa i3 MK3S+ (x2)
  • Prusa i3 MK3S+ w/ MMU3
  • Prusa XL (coming soon)
  • FormLabs Form 2
  • Universal VLS 6.75, 75 watt Laser cutter
    Physical Computing and Electronics
  • Sparkfun Arduino kits, with Arduino UNO and 101 boards and an assortment of Arduino shields.
  • Raspberry Pi version 3, 4 and Zero W
  • Soldering irons, solder, helping hands
  • Digital multimeters
  • Spare parts for basic electronics tinkering (breadboards, wire, switches, sensors)
  • Button Maker
  • Silhouette Cameo 4 Plus Desktop Cutting Machine
  • Laminator
    Textiles & Wearables
  • Bernina B 350 sewing machines + Juki MO-644D serger
  • Basic supplies for wearables and tactile computing
  • Felt
  • Sewing needles and thread
  • Quilting/cross-stitch frames
  • Wacom Cintiq 22HD graphics tablet
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Gimp, InkScape, Krita
  • Arduino
  • Audacity
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Fusion 360, MeshMixer, Tinkercad, SketchUp
  • PreForm, PrusaSlicer
  • Processing
  • R
  • Tool box with basic hand tools (wrenches, screwdrivers. etc.)

All equipment is maintained for use in the Makerspace and is not available for check out at this time. Don’t see the equipment you need here? Visit for other shops, labs, and places for making at UVA.

Questions? Hesitant about joining us in the Makerspace? You belong here, and we're happy to meet with you, answer questions, and give you a tour to help you feel more at home. Email to let us know you're curious about our makerspace.