We’re part of the UVA Library’s mission to provide equitable access to learning to everyone, and we’re proud that librarian superpowers are part of our toolkit! SLab supports the Library’s mission by nurturing an innovative, collaborative culture of research and development on Grounds.

We frequently collaborate with and rely on our colleagues throughout our Library. Some of these folks don’t work directly with students, staff, or faculty outside the Library, but they’re critical to everything we do. These colleagues include Guy Mengel’s team maintaining and securing our spaces, Stephanie Crooks assisting with events logistics, and Robin Ruggaber’s team’s IT and UX support. Phylissa Mitchell improves our library’s focus on inclusion, diversity, and equity. Dave Hennigan helps us design and manage grant-supported scholarship.

We’re also grateful for the frequent collaborators with us in the Library Public Services unit (Barbie Selby’s Info Services team, Meridith Wolnick’s Teaching & Learning team, Christine Ruotolo’s Arts & Humanities team, and Michele Claibourn’s Research Data Services team).

In the future, we hope to share some stories about specific intra-Library collaborations on this page.

Come visit us!

In the UVA Library or on campus? If we don’t know you yet, we invite you to send us an email at scholarslab@virginia.edu to set up a time to meet and chat with some of our team.