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3D Printed Keychain

3D Printed Keychain USB Holder Thingy

I have a Yubikey 5 Nano for 2 factor authentication for sites here at work. It works pretty well, except for the little ring is very week and broke.

USB-C holer It now sits inside a little USB to USB-C converter thingy. But still it can’t attach to my key ring. After 5-6 months of ‘floating’ around in my backpack, I decided to make something to fix the situation

I have long been wanting to 3D print an enclosure of some kind that will allow me to connect it to my keychain again. Finally, my skills and tools have aligned, and I got it all done in a matter of 90 minutes (including an 50 minutes of printing time.)

The Design

I started off by measuring the USB-C thingy.

  • USB-C holer
    • Measure the length
  • USB-C holer
    • Measure the width
  • USB-C holer
    • Measure the depth
  • USB-C holer
    • Draw it all out so it looks nice, and so I don’t forget

The Model

Then I used TinkerCAD (free software) to quickly model a part. Here’s a video (sped up, a lot. It actually took me 15 minutes the second time):

The Print

Next I printed it out on the Prusa i3 MK3S using some flexi filament. (That process is a bit boring, so no video or pics.)

The Fit

It actually fit perfectly the first time (actual surprise), so no iteration needed for this project.

Here’s the final object:

  • USB-C holer
  • USB-C holer
  • USB-C holer

Yay, so happy!

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