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Software Engineering Technical Interview Workshop
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Date:Wednesday, 11/15/2023
Place:Scholars' Lab TinkerTank - Clemons 3rd floor
Instructor(s):Holly Zhou

Software Engineering Technical Interview Workshop

Event Info:

Are you panicking about SWE recruiting season and scrambling to study for technical interviews? Join us for our first Software Engineering Technical Interview Workshop, an interactive and informative session designed to help you prepare for coding interviews in industry. We will go over typical interview structures, common topics to know, how to communicate effectively during the interview, and common pitfalls. There will also be a Q&A session for you to ask about anything related to the industry (Big Tech vs. startup, culture, work life balance, negotiating salary, what it’s like being a minority in tech, etc.).

About the instructor:

I have over 5 years of experience conducting both SWE and behavioral interviews for Google, Amazon, and biotech/healthtech startups and can speak to my experience of working in those different environments. My interview experience ranges from interviewing new grads (entry-level) to senior level software engineers. Most of my coding experience is in backend development, machine learning pipelines, and data engineering and analysis.

The Scholars’ Lab TinkerTank is located in Clemons Library on the 3rd floor. See here for TinkerTank open hours:

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