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Intro to Mini Making & D&D Basics
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Date:Friday, 04/28/2023
Place:Scholars' Lab TinkerTank - Clemons 3rd floor
Instructor(s):Sarah Hemler

Intro to Mini Making and D&D Basics

Intro to Mini-Making and D&D Basics: Have you ever been curious about the tabletop gaming hobby? Heard of Dungeons and Dragons, but not sure how it works? Want to paint a tiny figurine that you can show off to your friends? In this workshop, we’ll be discussing the basics of tabletop gaming as a form of group storytelling, learning how to build characters, and painting mini-figures for use in play.

All materials are provided and no prior experience needed.

The Scholars’ Lab TinkerTank is located in Clemons Library on the 3rd floor.

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