Scholars' Lab Blog //Announcing 2017-2018 Fellows!
Blog //Announcing 2017-2018 Fellows!

We are thrilled to announce the 2017-2018 Scholar’s Lab fellows for the Praxis Program, the new Digital Humanities Project Incubator Fellowship, and the Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities. We are welcoming 14 fellows from 6 disciplines from the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Our graduate fellows are joining a robust and vibrant community of past fellows!

Praxis Program

We are delighted to welcome 6 diverse disciplinary team members to the 7th year of the Praxis Program:

  • Monica Blair (History)

  • Ankita Chakrabarti (English)

  • Victoria Clark (Music, Critical and Comparative Studies)

  • Tanner Greene (Music, Critical and Comparative Studies)

  • Christian Howard (English)

  • Spyros Simotas (French)

Look forward to more details about the Praxis Program’s new project in the fall!

Digital Humanities Project Incubator Fellowship

This year we will be piloting a set of smaller, short-term fellowships dedicated to boosting nascent digital humanities research in a flexible, collaborative environment.

  • James Ascher and Sarah Berkowitz (English, Summer 2017)

  • Benjamin Gorham (Art and Architectural History, Fall 2017)

  • Ryan Maguire (Music, Composition and Computer Technologies; Fall 2017)

  • Joseph Thompson (History, Fall 2017)

These students will work with our R&D team for a single semester to rapidly prototype their project ideas and position themselves for future work in digital humanities. Look for more from them this summer and fall!

Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities

Finally, we are looking forward to working with Julia Haines and Ethan Reed, our 2017-2018 Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities.

  • Julia Haines’ (Anthropology) dissertation is titled, Archaeology at 19th-century Bras d’Eau, Mauritius: Intimate Spaces and Industrial Landscapes of Indentured Laborers.

  • Ethan Reed’s (English) dissertation is titled, Forms of Frustration: Unrest and Unfulfillment in American Literature after 1934.

These fellows will work with our team throughout the year and over the summer on substantial research projects related to their dissertations.

We are looking forward to working with all these fantastic students in the coming year!

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