Scholars' Lab Blog //Announcing 2018-2019 Fellows!
Blog //Announcing 2018-2019 Fellows!

We are thrilled to announce the 2018-2019 Scholar’s Lab fellows for the Praxis Program, the Digital Humanities Prototyping Fellowship, and the Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities. We are welcoming 11 fellows from 6 disciplines from the arts, humanities, and social sciences and the School of Architecture. Our graduate fellows are joining a robust and vibrant community of past fellows!

Praxis Program

We are delighted to welcome 6 diverse disciplinary team members to the 8th year of the Praxis Program, our flagship introduction to digital humanities by way of collaborative, project-based pedagogy:

  • Catherine Addington (Spanish)

  • Zhiqiu Jiang (Urban and Environmental Planning, Constructed Environment)

  • Eleanore Neumann (Art and Architectural History)

  • Mathilda Shepherd (Spanish)

  • Chloe Wells (Art and Architectural History)

  • Chris Whitehead (History)

Look forward to more details about the Praxis Program’s new project in the fall!

Digital Humanities Prototyping Fellowship

This year we will welcome 3 students to our short-term fellowship dedicated to boosting nascent digital humanities research in a flexible, collaborative environment.

  • Alyssa Collins (English, Fall 2018)

  • Christian Howard (English, Fall 2018)

  • Sarah McEleney (Slavic Languages and Literature, Summer 2018)

Alyssa and Christian will collaborate on a scraping and archiving project working with twitter data as it pertains to the relationship between literature and social justice. Sarah will be working on a project using machine learning to examine social realism in Soviet-era literature. These students will work with our R&D team for a single semester to rapidly prototype their project ideas and position themselves for future work in digital humanities. Look for more from them this coming year!

Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities

Finally, we are looking forward to working with Kelli Shermeyer and Sean Tennant, our 2018-2019 Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities.

  • Kelli Shermeyer’s (English) dissertation is titled  “Less-than-Human” Tragedy?: Ecologies of Suffering in Contemporary Tragic Drama.

  • Sean Tennant’s (Art and Architectural History) dissertation is titled Domestic Spaces in the Roman West: Architectural Adaptation in Gaul, Britannia, and Germania.

These fellows will work with our team throughout the year on substantial research projects related to their dissertations.

We are looking forward to working with all these fantastic students in the coming year!

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