Scholars' Lab Blog //(Digest #6) Announcing the Ivanhoe Information Website and Beginning of Testing
Blog //(Digest #6) Announcing the Ivanhoe Information Website and Beginning of Testing

Yesterday we celebrated the Day of DH by preparing for internal testing of the Ivanhoe Game WP Theme.  The entire team is now scurrying to make some finishing touches to the theme, info site, and documentation before our testers begin their games.  Development has been working to stabilize roles and the role journal features, and they have reported success.  The following image indicates Development’s glee at this and similar recent successes:


Design continues to reflect on and tweak the aesthetics of Ivanhoe, while Support (now consisting of Francesca and myself) work on the website.  Francesca just finished drafting documentation; see her recent post on the process of walking through Ivanhoe and imagining where users will need guidance.  Also see Veronica’s post reflecting on equal credit, a tenet from our charter; now that we have a product we can begin taking credit for, figuring out how to apportion that credit will start to become a bigger deal, so it’s a good time to start thinking about it.

In addition to the typical weekly digest material where I give an update on each team’s activities, this week’s digest brings extra-exciting news: we have an informational website.  To learn about Ivanhoe and start thinking about what it will do, visit our website.  You can also visit our testing space (a Heroku staging app) to view game play as testing (which begins tomorrow) proceeds.

Although the Ivanhoe Game WordPress Theme is still in its development, we want you all to be aware that it will very soon be available for download.  Once we’ve spent a few weeks working to improve Ivanhoe based on feedback from our testers, then we will officially launch Ivanhoe version 1.0, and you can start customizing it and playing your own games on it.  (Stay tuned; the official launch date will be announced within the week.)

So keep an eye on Heroku to see what’s going on with our testers’ games, and start thinking of ideas for your own.  It will not be long before the Ivanhoe Game returns and is available for everyone to enjoy.

Happy Belated Day of DH!

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