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Blog //Building and Texts

Alex and I finally have something to show for all our work! We built the document model for Prism that allows us to add new texts to the database!  It even passes the tests we built!  We’re putting the finishing touches on it now, but we should easily make our deadline of this afternoon, so we can successfully pass it on to the design team.  It’s exciting that we’re actually able to put together our rails and ruby knowledge and produce tangible results.  This gives us hope that we will be able to continue to meet our other deadlines and eventually end up with a working project.

Our next programming steps include building a user model and incorporating authentication and authorization (probably using CanCan and Devise ruby gems).  This will be more complicated that what we’ve produced so far, but we think that with the help of lots of screencasts and ruby gem documentation, we will persevere.

On other prism news, we will officially decide on our texts for Prism today in our meeting!  It’s all starting to take shape.

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