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Yesterday, as I’m sure you all know, was Day of DH, and it was my first year participating. I was only able to blog twice because as soon as I sat down to work on some design tasks for Praxis (choosing a font for the Prism site), I had some server troubles that kept me busy “raking,” dropping, migrating, importing, etc., and then it was time for our weekly meeting. In any event, visit my Day of DH page to read about how I got my feet wet in DH and what I was up to yesterday.

To add to that, because I didn’t get a chance to update on the Day of DH blog yet, Bethany spoke to the group in our weekly meeting about budgets and grant-writing. She offered some valuable insight into the financial processes that pay for us and our meetings (we should probably watch less cat videos in there), the larger systems that affect budgeting within a university setting, and the small- and large-scale questions a financial manager needs to ask. She also provided us with a plethora of helpful tips on writing grants and devising budgets (like, “Soft money is the devil!”), which cannot be valued enough coming from someone with Bethany’s success rate!

Now I need to get back to picking a font. You wouldn’t think it would be this difficult to choose one serif and one sans-serif font, but this Praxis group is chock-full of typography and web design street cred, so I’m feeling the pressure.

I’ll end by saying that it was a productive Day of DH for me in the Scholars’ Lab and for the international DH community-at-large, and I’m looking forward to participating in many more!

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