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Blog //Design Team Progress

This week the design team, myself, Brandon and Gwen,  met for the first time to start to map out our vision for the exciting redesign.    This week I am spending figure out the CSS behind the Prism site and me and Gwen are working on wireframes (mostly I yell out random ideas and Gwen makes them look amazing).  We are trying to figure out how we want the site to progress etc.  This week I am also trying to figure out how to make the header work the way that we want.

Brandon is working on getting OAuth up and running so that people can sign in using facebook, twitter or google.  We have some other exciting plans in the works if we can finish all of these tasks!  Our next major goal is try and get user uploads working so that people can upload their own text for Prism analysis.  That’s all for now…next week we can start posting our design mockups so we can hear your feedback!

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