Scholars' Lab Blog //DIY Aerial Photography and Edgar Allan Poe
Blog //DIY Aerial Photography and Edgar Allan Poe

Earlier this year Professor Megan Marlatt from the University of Virginia McIntire Department of Art began work with her students to create a jumbo outdoor mural titled “Hello Pluto, Good-bye Kitty” based on Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Black Cat”.   The mural design covered a large suburban parking lot.

From street level, viewers see small cats painted on the parking lot.

But when we gain the larger view by lofting a camera attached to a helium balloon several hundred feet into the air we get our first views of the entire work in progress.

“‘Hello Pluto, Good-bye Kitty” was off to a fine start but much work was still to be done.Mural Under Construction

When Professor Marlatt and her students completed their work a few weeks later we returned with our aerial photography rig to document the finished product.

“Hello Pluto, Good-bye Kitty”

This project illustrates some of the benefits of do it yourself aerial photography.  With a small investment of equipment and time we collected high resolution imagery to document change over time for a discrete study area. We see applications for these techniques across many academic disciplines.  So we’re working now to fine-tune our approaches while we collaborate with faculty and students.

Contact us in the Scholars’ Lab to chat about how your work can benefit from do it yourself aerial photography.

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