Scholars' Lab Blog //Done is the engine of more.
Blog //Done is the engine of more.

(My title is not mine! It is lovingly borrowed from Bre Pettis and Kio Stark’s “Cult of Done Manifesto”)

I love lists almost as much as I love agendas and program management in general. Here is a status update in list form for you, Dear Reader. And Team, please feel free to expand/clarify/correct the following:

  1. We have finalized the texts we’re going to be uploading into Prism for first-round users. Today, some of us tested a few of the suggested “highlighting” categories with help from our low-tech friends: transparencies, markers, and photocopies. Ed, Brooke, Annie, and I will be reviewing and revising categories over the next few days, and the entire Praxis team is invited to test our new suggestions this coming week.


  1. The development team met their latest milestone goal: authentication and authorization for the Prism site is a go! User accounts! Ding!


3. As Lindsay notes, the wireframes (and thus, for the most part, the user story), are finalized. Design wizzes (plural of wiz?) Ed and Lindsay have been rocking out on the front-end work: Ed continues to wow us with his aesthetic brilliance (see his “striptease” post of Jan 26), while Lindsay works on making the dream a reality via CSS/HTML.

  1. We’ve been inspired by the recent trend toward internationalizing Ruby on Rails applications, and have nominated the most Continental of our Fellows, Alex, to the position of Internationalization Expert(-to-be). I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from him about this exciting new development in the near future.

  2. Finally, on a more personal note: I continue to enjoy how much time I get to spend with my colleagues while we work toward a common goal. Collaborative ventures certainly pose some challenges that would be non-issues in individual project contexts, but I think we’re all benefiting from learning how to work not only with digital tools but also with one another. The Fellows’ lounge was busy busy busy today–and that’s the way we like it!


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