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UPDATE: video for the event now available!

We’re crowd-sourcing the keynote to the final round of the Scholars’ Lab/NEH 2009-2010 Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship. With all of these fantastic attendees on hand – not to mention the Institute faculty – how could we let the opportunity slip by?

Frontiers in Spatial Humanities:

Lightning Presentations

We are pleased to host 40 rapid-fire, 2-minute demos of boundary-pushing projects in spatial humanities. The scholars presenting their work come from 27 different institutions, and were competitively selected to attend this prestigious program, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Some of our Institute faculty will also offer brief glimpses of their work as part of a whirlwind tour of emerging work in humanities GIS.

While admission to the Institute itself is now closed, “Frontiers in Spatial Humanities” and the reception that follows are open to the public!

I’d like to thank the NEH for its generous funding of our training program, and the University of Virginia Library for supporting the Scholars’ Lab – as well as the “Frontiers” reception, to which you’re all invited!

Thursday, May 27th, 3:30-5:00pm Harrison-Small Auditorium

For more information about the SLab and our NEH-funded Institute for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities, please visit:

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