Scholars' Lab Blog //Getting to Know our Praxis Peers: Samples of our Digital Work
Blog //Getting to Know our Praxis Peers: Samples of our Digital Work

I would like to mention to you all that I have added two files to our collab resources that I hope will give a better idea of the kind of work I am putting together as a Scholar’s Lab fellow this year. There is a transcript of the very short presentation I gave two weeks ago which describes my GIS project and briefly outlines my dissertation topic. At some point there will also be a podcast of the presentation on the Scholar’s Lab page.

My purpose in posting these two files is to begin the process of making the entire group more aware of what each of us works on as individual scholars. As I discussed briefly when we began talking about the Praxis charter, I believe it would be very helpful for us to better understand our individual motivations for joining the Praxis Program. As a multi-disciplinary group, we should be aware of each others’ strengths and interests as scholars, as well as the particular methodologies and approaches that are common to our particular fields. As such, I am proposing that if we do not have a digital, or “traditional” humanities project that we are ready to share with the program, each week one of us can submit a sample from another scholar that we believe approaches their subject in a way that represents our field, or may be relevant to PRISM. This can even take the form of a “favorite” article.

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