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Blog //Graduate Fellows Forum: Joanna Swafford

Graduate Fellows Forum: Joanna Swafford Victorian Songs and Digital Tools: Facilitating Sound Studies Scholarship

Joanna Swafford PhD Candidate, Department of English Scholars’ Lab Fellow 2012-2013

Respondent Dr. Herbert Tucker John C. Coleman Professor of English University of Virginia

Summary: Although sound studies and interdisciplinary music and poetry scholarship have increased over the last decade, scholars have not had the digital tools necessary to make their auditory arguments accessible to a wider audience. This talk will present two tools built by Scholars’ Lab Fellow Joanna Swafford that will help change that: Songs of the Victorians, an archive and analysis of parlor and art song settings of Victorian poems, and Augmented Notes, a tool that will let scholars build their own interdisciplinary websites like Songs of the Victorians.

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