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Blog //Hello, world!

I’m here to cut the ribbon on the Scholars’ Lab blog.

The Scholars’ Lab was established two short years ago at UVA Library as a site for innovation in the humanities and social sciences. The idea was to combine the resources and expertise of the Library’s successful Electronic Text (Etext) and Geospatial and Statistical Data (GeoStat) centers with that of UVA’s Research Computing Support Group in a physical space that promotes collaboration and experimentation. Now we’re extending the conversations that happen in our offices and in the SLab to a wider forum.

The past two years have seen amazing work by our Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities and by scholars from a variety of disciplines and fields who work in collaboration with our on-site experts. Over the coming months, we’ll be inviting our Fellows, grad student consultants, Scholars’ Lab faculty and staff, visiting scholars, and UVA collaborators to share this blog and make it their own. The substantive (and CC-licensed) posts you’ll find here will be vetted to ensure that they represent sound scholarship and are squarely on-topic. We’ll also use this space to share announcements about SLab events and links to interesting and evocative uses of technology in the humanities and social sciences.

We invite you to comment and engage with us here!

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