Scholars' Lab Blog //Introducing the 2015-2016 Scholars' Lab Fellows
Blog //Introducing the 2015-2016 Scholars' Lab Fellows

The Lab has been a busy place lately with 8 new fellows from across the arts, humanities, and social sciences!  Our Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities and Praxis Program Fellows join a distinguished community of past fellows.

Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities

This year, we are delighted to work closely with Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati and Brandon Walsh.

Veronica is in her 6th year of the Classical Art & Archaeology program in the McIntire Department of Art. Her dissertation project, entitled “Music, Performance, and Identity in 4th century BCE South Italian Vase-Painting,” explores connections between the iconography of musical performance and constructions of identity in Apulia. During her fellowship year, she will be working with Wayne Graham to optimize her dissertation database and develop visualizations of her research, as well as experiment with integrating digital tools into the practice of iconographical analysis.

Brandon’s research focuses on modern and contemporary literature and digital humanities. His dissertation entitled “AudioTextual: Modernism, Sound Recording, and Networks of Reception” examines how authors, amateur readers, and sound artists have used sound recording to invent and reinvent modernist literature throughout the last century. During his fellowship year, he will be working with Eric Rochester to apply machine learning and natural language processing techniques to speech in Virginia Woolf’s novels.

Praxis Fellows

We are entering our 5th (!) year of the Praxis Program and are welcoming six talented graduate fellows:

  • James Ascher (English)

  • Bremen Donovan (Anthropology)

  • Ethan Reed (English)

  • Gillet Rosenblith (History)

  • Rachel Trapp (Music, Composition)

  • Lydia Warren (Music, Critical and Comparative Studies)

This year’s cohort will be exploring various ways to represent time, both physically and digitally. We have guiding questions, but will be scoping the project as we go. Keep track of our experiments on the Time page of the Praxis Program and our on blog.

Past Praxis teams developed Prism, a web application for crowd-based interpretations of texts, and re-imagined Ivanhoe, a platform for playfully (and collaboratively) interpreting texts and artifacts.

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