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Blog //Mapping the Earthquake

One good thing about living in this age is instant access to information.  What could be better than that?  Maps!

The USGS has up-to-the-minute maps for earthquakes all over the world.  For the latest Virginia events click here.  You can find their main earthquake page here.

The USGS also has a crowd-sourced program - called Do You Feel It? - where users can gauge the quake at their location and report back to help build the map below.  More on that program here.

City map

Crowd-sourced intensity map - USGS

The good people at Development Seed created some cool maps just after the largest Virginia quake using publicly-available data and some tools from the guys at MapBox.  Please click here to see how they quickly mashed up the earthquake data to make some great maps.!/map/map_1314132938521

Though, I think the most interesting visualization is this animated one, showing the earth rippling like a pond.


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