Scholars' Lab Blog //Meet Our 2023-2024 Fellows
Blog //Meet Our 2023-2024 Fellows

We are thrilled to announce the 2023-2024 Scholar’s Lab fellows for the Praxis Program and the Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities. We are welcoming 6 fellows from 3 disciplines from the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Our graduate fellows are joining a robust and vibrant community of past students!

Praxis Program

We are delighted to welcome 5 team members to the 13th (!) year of the Praxis Program, our flagship introduction to digital humanities by way of collaborative, project-based pedagogy:

  • Arselyne Chery (English)
  • Molly Joyce (Music, composition)
  • Kathleen King (Music, critical and comparative)
  • Rachel Retica (English)
  • Seanna Viechweg (English)

Look forward to more details about the Praxis Program’s work in the fall!

Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities

Finally, we are looking forward to working with Jennifer Saunders, our 2023-2024 Graduate Fellow in the Digital Humanities.

  • Jennifer Saunders’ (Anthropology) dissertation is titled “The Archaeology of Affect: 19th-20th-Century Black Education in a Plantation Landscape, Powhatan County, Virginia”

Jennifer will work with our team throughout the year and over the summer on substantial research projects related to her dissertation. She joins a vibrant community of students working in the lab in the coming year.

Special thanks to everyone who served on the application committees that selected these fantastic students. We are looking forward to working with all of them in the coming year!

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