Scholars' Lab Blog //Neatline Time 1.1.3 Release
Blog //Neatline Time 1.1.3 Release

Thanks to Neatline Time user nancymou, we’ve addressed a bug in Neatline Time where fields added by other plugins to the advanced search form were not recognized by Neatline Time. (In nancymou’s case, the other plugin was Exhibit Builder.) So we’ve put together a bugfix release, version 1.1.3, that addresses this issue. Download Neatline Time 1.1.3 to upgrade.

We’re also wrapping up work on Neatline Time to make it compatible with Omeka 2.0. There isn’t a tagged version yet, but if you’re interested in trying it out (and sending us feedback), feel free to check out the develop branch from our Github repository. You can also download a zip of the develop branch; you’ll just need to rename the unzipped folder to “NeatlineTime”. If you do try it out, and run into any problems, feel free to add a ticket to our issue tracker. There’s also plenty of time to contribute a translation for Neatline Time, or any of the Neatline plugins!

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