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Blog //On Community Listening: 4

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THIS article published in the LA Times today (2/28) is about the researchers I’m working with on Community Listening,  the wolves they study, and global climate change. Lots of great stuff here, including this quote from Michael Nelson: “To preserve a healthy ecosystem with climate change, we at times are going to have to intervene, and that’s a hard thing to wrap our heads around…” This quote may seem trivial but the wolves in question live in a National Park that has a “let nature take its course” directive.

My project is not so much about the wolves that live on Isle Royale but on the deep listening network that exists there. However, this network, I believe, is very dependent on the wolves that live in this place (an issue that I will address in my project). If these wolves go extinct, will this deep listening network also vanish? How do environmental fluctuations, like global climate change and its residual effects, dictate how we listen to the world?

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