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You are cordially invited to an Open Access Week Luncheon Monday, October 18 at noon in the Scholars’ Lab

The Scholars’ Lab is proud to celebrate Open Access Week with a conversation led by Associate Professor of Education Brian Pusser (chair of last year’s Faculty Senate Task Force on Scholarly Publications and Authors’ Rights), and UVa Associate General Counsel Madelyn Wessel. We hope you’ll join us for a tasty lunch, some interesting and educational short films, and a lively discussion of issues surrounding authors’ rights and open access to scholarly work.

Then, come back that very afternoon for…

Wine, Cheese, & Legalese with Madelyn Wessel

Monday, October 18 at 4:00 p.m. in the Scholars’ Lab

This is an event designed especially for graduate students and those who advise them: wine, cheese, and straight talk about copyright, fair use, and your dissertation.  Madelyn has a story or two that will curl your hair.

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