Scholars' Lab Blog //Parents Fund Award for AR/VR Development
Blog //Parents Fund Award for AR/VR Development

I am pleased to announce that the Scholars’ Lab and UVA Library have been awarded $6,000 by the UVA Parents’ Fund to increase capacity for augmented and virtual reality teaching and research on grounds. The grant will support a small cohort of students this calendar year as they work with us to create public, novice-friendly documentation on how we apply these technologies to learning and research. If time allows and given student interest, they will also co-teach a workshop series on augmented reality for the university and Charlottesville communities and develop cultural heritage 3D data for preservation in our institutional repository. The hope is that this work will increase our capacity to support interest in these technologies, make our own lessons available to a broad public, offer professionally legible work for the students working to develop the project with us, and establish these same students as a community of experts who can help pay their experiences forward to others. The project is lead by Scholars’ Lab staff Brandon Walsh, Arin Bennett, and Will Rourk.

We are very grateful to the Parents’ Fund for their generous support of the Lab and of the Library!

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