Blog //Plastic Debacles

The Scholars’ Lab has a Makerbot Replicator with dual extruders, and it’s become a Praxis Program favorite. We’ve printed musical instruments, bracelets, animals, puzzles, and even a topographic map. If you get into 3D printing, chances are pretty high you’re gonna have some failed prints. Things happen in the course of tinkering with models and print settings. Temperature fluctuations, drafts around the printer, the level of the build plate, the speed of the print, all kinds of stuff can affect the outcome. Debugging this stuff is a learning experience itself, and I find myself learning a little more each time a print gets messed up.

So here’s a gallery of our plastic debacles. Lovely, lovely debacles:

[gallery link=”file” ids=”6572,6571,6569,6567,6566,6565,6564,6563,6562”]

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