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Practicing Digital Humanities Speaker Series: James Neal Public Libraries and Academic Libraries: Digital Partners?

James Neal Digital Services Librarian Prince George’s County Memorial Library System

Summary: The growth and development of technology, computers, software, and the Internet have changed the ways in which libraries function, operate, and are being used by the communities they serve. Public libraries have been playing a bit of catch-up in many ways related to the growth of digital services due to the fact that public libraries are also still serving users whose information needs include more traditional resources. Is there a common ground in mission and scope that public libraries and academic libraries serve together? In what ways are these services complementary and what are the ways in which each of these institutions can learn from and share with one another?

Speaker Bio: James is a graduate of the MLS program at the University of Maryland College of Information Science, Maryland’s iSchool in the Information and Diverse Populations concentration.

His experience at the University of Maryland acquiring the Master of Library Science degree was highlighted and dominated by his participation in the Information and Diverse Populations program. This allowed him to address the issue of underrepresented groups in librarianship and successful ways of working with colleagues and patrons from diverse backgrounds. “The Information and Diverse Populations (IDP) specialization of the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland focuses on instruction about and research into the design, development, provision and integration of information services, resources, technologies, and outreach that serve diverse populations” (from UMD website).

James maintains a strong interest in the future of public libraries, and began working at the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System in August 2014, moving to his current position of Digital Services Librarian in August 2015.

James is very active on social media. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest.

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