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Just before we departed for the break, Stephanie and I met with Jeremy to talk over some of our wireframes for Ivanhoe.  (Stephanie discussed our wireframing process in her post.)  “Right,” Jeremy told us.  “You’re going to want to clone the files that I’ve already created and start from there.”

We blinked at him.  “Cloning?” we said.  “Is that like forking?  Do we need another repo?  Can we have another repo?”

Thus began an epic Git recap, in which Jeremy heroically explained version control to us once again.  The result was not only a much-needed refresher on the workings of Github, but a reminder of just how much we’ve learned this semester.   In true Praxis soup-to-nuts form, we’ve considered quite a few topics—we’ve discussed Git, CSS, wireframes, and WordPress as well as PHP.  With only two meetings a week and a wealth of other commitments, we’ve all struggled with the act of learning and retaining information as we move from one subject to the next.

For me, then, this winter break represents a time to catch up on things.  Like Veronica, I’ll be spending most of it working on PHP.  (As she has rightly noted in her post, the process represents equal parts studying and banging my head against the desk.)  In addition, though, I’ll take some time to review the many other skills that we have learned.  By keeping up my proficiency in various fields, I’ll be able to understand the design team as well as the development team, to discuss wireframes in addition to PHP.  I’ll also gain a better understanding of DH as a whole—what better holiday gift for a Praxer?

Happy holidays to all, and have fun cloning in the new year!

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