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As we rapidly approach the re-launch of Prism I am spending more and more of my waking hours concerned about CSS and the site redesign.  We’ve made a lot of exciting changes including making the site aesthetic that of a “scandanavian child’s room” (thank you Eric Rochester).  However, this week Prism has finally seeped into by unconscious.

As I was reviewing code this week there were occasional notes from Wayne about places to fix a table or ideas on how to redo a page.  Aside from hearing a military drill sergeant in the code I thought nothing was out of the ordinary.  The next night I had a dream that the code was yelling at me.  I’m sure there are some deeper psychoanalytic implications of this but for now I’m going to take it as a good sign that I am fully integrated with the code.  We are speaking the same language, even if its only in my dreams.

Its either that or Wayne Graham is haunting me.

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