Scholars' Lab Blog //Scholars' Lab Grads partner with Washington & Lee University
Blog //Scholars' Lab Grads partner with Washington & Lee University


Photo by Anya Quinn

The Scholars’ Lab is pleased to partner with Washington and Lee University on a grant from the Associated Colleges of the South. The ASC grant furthers the W&L Digital Humanities Working Group’s efforts to create an Introduction to Digital Humanities course and explore a future Digital Humanities (DH) certificate at Washington and Lee. The Working Group strives to integrate digital tools and methods into humanities pedagogy.

W&L; Working Group members will consult with Scholars’ Lab and other UVa Library staff throughout their planning process. The innovative Praxis Program at the Scholars’ Lab (also the heart of our international Praxis Network) is the model to explore what might form the core curriculum for a W&L DH certificate. The Praxis Program fosters a highly collaborative approach to scoping and building of  Digital Humanities tools, engaging in digitally-inflected public humanities work, and advancing humanities scholarship. Partnering with Washington and Lee faculty, UVA graduate students will contribute their experiences and research areas to the introductory course as they gain valuable experience working in a small liberal arts environment.

Keep an eye out for future updates on this exciting partnership!

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