Scholars' Lab Blog //Last-minute Halloween costume: making Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen’s soda-drinking hat
Blog //Last-minute Halloween costume: making Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen’s soda-drinking hat

Smitty's soda drinking hat

This year for my Halloween costume I decided to make the soda-drinking hat from Spongebob season 3 episode 46b “One Krab’s Trash.” As usual, I left my costume-making to the last minute (the Thursday before Halloweekend), so my access to supplies was a little limited, but I found everything I needed at Walmart, Lowe’s, and the Scholars’ Lab. Follow the instructions below to make your own!

Note: the drinking tubes ended up not working, so they’re just for show :-)


  • white and blue hat (or, white hat and blue paint)
  • red felt, thread, and needle (or, red paint)
  • paintbrush
  • duct tape
  • stapler
  • measuring tape (optional)
  • ⅜” plastic tubing, at least 3 feet
  • ¼” inch nylon barbed tee
  • scissors
  • two cans
  • (optional) black t shirt and white paint
  1. If you’re unable to find a blue and white hat, paint a white hat as shown.
    the hat
  2. Measure the length of duct tape you’ll need to wrap around each can. Cut two strips of duct tape this length and place one on top of the other so the sticky sides meet.
    Strip of tape
  3. Attach the ends of the duct tape strips together and test that they fit snugly around the cans
    circles of tape tape around the can
  4. With the duct tape loop about halfway up the can, measure the distance to wrap from one side of the loop, around the bottom of the can, to the other. Repeat the process of sticking two pieces of tape together to create a strip that wraps around the bottom of the can and sticks to either side of the first loop.
    tape around the can
    it should look like this:
    tape around the can
  5. Once you’ve done this on both cans, staple the can holders to either side of the hat. Place the cans in the holders and put on the hat to make sure everything fits well and is secure.
    tape on the left side tape on the right side
  6. Next you can either paint on the red #1 or cut it out of felt and sew it on
    tape on the left side tape on the right side
  7. Cut two lengths of tubing; I started with 10” and trimmed down from there once I had everything put together and could see how long I’d need them to reach down in front of my face.
    the tubes
  8. Attach the two tubes with the barbed tee.
    tee tee and tubes
  9. Optional: paint a black t shirt to complete the skeleton look
    skeleton shirt
  10. That’s it! Enjoy being #1! Here are some quotes from the episode you can say while you wear the costume:
  • there’s only been a handful of #1s in the history of forever
  • im #1 and I let gravity do my drinking
  • #1 in boogeyland!
  • remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets
  • you’ll never guess what i found in my sock last night!
  • crawl back into your hole, bone boy
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