Scholars' Lab Blog //Spring 2018 UVa Library GIS Workshop Series
Blog //Spring 2018 UVa Library GIS Workshop Series

All sessions are one hour and assume participants have no previous experience using GIS.  Sessions will be hands-on with step-by-step tutorials and expert assistance.  All sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 10AM to 11AM in the Alderman Electronic Classroom, ALD 421 (adjacent to the Scholars’ Lab) and are free and open to the UVa and larger Charlottesville community.  No registration, just show up!

February 6th - Making Your First Map with ArcGIS

Here’s your chance to get started with geographic information systems software in a friendly, jargon-free environment.  This workshop introduces the skills you need to make your own maps.  Along the way you’ll get a taste of Earth’s most popular GIS software (ArcGIS) and a gentle introduction to cartography. You’ll leave with your own cartographic masterpieces and tips for learning more in your pursuit of mappiness at UVa.

February 13th - ArcGIS Online: Introduction

With ArcGIS Online, you can use and create maps and scenes, access ready-to-use maps, layers and analytics, publish data as web layers, collaborate and share, access maps from any device, make maps with your Microsoft Excel data, and customize the ArcGIS Online website.

February 20th - ArcGIS Online: Spatial Analysis

ArcGIS Online now has spatial analysis tools that can be easier to use than similar desktop GIS tools.  Come learn how to use the simple yet powerful analysis tools available through ArcGIS Online

February 27th - ArcGIS Online: Story Maps

Story Maps are templates that allow authors to give context to their ArcGIS Online maps.  Whether telling a story, giving a tour or comparing historic maps, Esri Story Maps are easy-to-use applications that create polished presentations.

March 13th - ArcGIS Online: Data Collection

Whether you are crowd sourcing spatial data or performing survey work, having applications that automatically record location and upload data directly to a mapping application is incredibly useful. 

March 20th - What’s New with ArcGIS Pro

The handwriting is on the wall. ArcGIS Pro will be replacing ArcMap as the desktop GIS in the near future.  Come learn about the changes and quirks of ArcGIS Pro from an ArcMap user prospective.

March 27th - Introduction to QGIS

ArcGIS isn’t the only game in town.  The best and most popular open source GIS application is QGIS.  It runs on most platforms and does some things better than ArcGIS.  Come learn more about another tool in the GIS toolbox.

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