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Blog //Team Praxis!

This past week we started a soft (internal) launch of the new Prism so we could begin to work out all of the kinks. This of course meant that we spent a lot of time together working out last minute concerns.  This was a really different “finals” type experience than the one I am currently experiencing.  Finals in graduate school basically means that I find a quiet place and don’t leave until all of the papers have been written.  This crunch time collaboration felt exciting, dynamic, and fun.  It made me realize how much I have come to value the teamwork time that I get in Praxis each week.  Grad school can be isolating and socializing can feel like a distraction.  What was great about Praxis was that we were able to come together weekly in a work-related activity but really enjoy each other’s company.

I have always known that I’m a social worker but this experience has confirmed that in order to be successful in my graduate career I will have to build a team of people around me who are willing and able to support me.  I am also increasingly thinking about what type of alt-ac careers would allow me to keep this team experience central to my work life.  I’m going to miss these weekly work/hang sessions.

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