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Blog //The Methodological Turn

Exactly how does one acquire the “tools of the trade” in digital humanities research?

Thursday, September 16th 4pm in the Scholars’ Lab

Ray Siemens from the University of Victoria is Director of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute and President of the Society for Digital Humanities/Société pour l’étude des médias interactifs (SDH/SEMI). Ray will talk about training for digital humanities research including the types of courses offered at DHSI, the students and established scholars who participate, and how these groups work together to enhance methodological training.

Julie Meloni, an INKE Fellow at the University of Victoria, will describe her vision for a self-paced but peer-guided independent learning system for mid-career scholars who wish to refocus their research in the digital humanities, but who have only traditional and analog training.

Please join us in the SLab for light refreshments and conversation with our speakers!

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