Scholars' Lab Blog //The Models are Done!
Blog //The Models are Done!

Great news! All parts of our data model are now in Rails!  We used the Ruby gem Devise for the user model, and Prism now has user account capabilities (and the links for “sign in,” “sign out,” and “sign up” on the homepage)! The documents are also in the system and each has its own page, and we have also created the Markings, Facets, and Prism models so we’re now set up to start building the highlighting functionality.  All of our tests pass, and apparently 98% of our code has tests written for it (thanks to Wayne for incorporating the Ruby gem Simplecov to give us this information), so we’re in good shape.  After Eric’s helpful Coffee Scripting session, I’ve been watching lots of screencasts to make sure I feel comfortable writing Coffee Script myself. At this point, I know how to convert Javascript to Coffee Script, but I’m not adept at writing it myself from scratch.  I’ve been brainstorming algorithms for the highlighting recently, and I hope to start trying to program them over the next week.  I’ll write about my foray into Coffee Scripting land next week!

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