Scholars' Lab Blog //Welcome new DH Developer Zoe LeBlanc!
Blog //Welcome new DH Developer Zoe LeBlanc!

We are delighted to announce that Zoe LeBlanc has accepted our DH Developer position!

Zoe rose to the top of an extremely strong pool of over 60 applicants. A History ABD at Vanderbilt University, she focuses on post-colonialist movements and media in Cairo and other capitals. She brings solid technical experience in the areas of front-end web design, text and image analysis, and mapping and data visualization, with skills including React, Redux, Elixir, and Postgres, and fluency in French and Arabic.

Zoe is a rising junior DH scholar, presenting on network analysis at a well-attended panel at DH2017 in Montreal, as well as through a DH2017 poster on an archival research app she learned to build in response to archival research challenges.

Her particular expertise and passion for making technically difficult DH methods accessible and enjoyable to all complements the SLab’s emphasis on pedagogy and mentorship. She balances the SLab’s literature scholars and complements our history scholars, both diversifying our areas of work to the Middle East and adding new expertise in archival research in countries with different archival practices and challenges from the U.S.

Come by the Lab once Zoe joins us in mid-October to say hi!

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