Scholars' Lab Blog //Welcome, new SLab grad fellows!
Blog //Welcome, new SLab grad fellows!

The Scholars’ Lab is pleased and proud to announce our partnership with nine new graduate fellows for the 2013-2014 academic year! They represent seven academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences at the University of Virginia, and join a distinguished group of past recipients of Scholars’ Lab fellowships. (Since 2007,  UVa Library has offered 44 fellowships to deserving grad students in fields as diverse as History, Archaeology, Computer Music, Anthropology, Economics, English, Ethnomusicology, French, Religious Studies, Art History, Linguistics, and Architecture.)

First, we have our three winners of the UVa Library Graduate Fellowship in Digital Humanities. They are:

Erik DeLuca of the Composition and Computer Technologies Program in UVa’s McIntire Department of Music “Community Listening in Isle Royal National Park, a sonic ethnography”

Gwen Nally of the Corcoran Department of Philosophy “When Socrates Misleads: Falsehood and Fallacy in Plato’s Dialogues”


Tamika Richeson of the Corcoran Department of History “I Know What Liberty Is: Black Motherhood, Labor, and Criminality, 1848-1878”

These fellows will have the opportunity to work closely with Scholars’ Lab staff over the course of the year, in applying digital methods to their dissertation research and presenting that work online.  Please join us on September 10th at noon in the Scholars’ Lab, when we welcome Erik, Gwen, and Tamika with a casual luncheon, and have the opportunity to hear a brief summary from each of them, about what they hope to accomplish this year!

Next, we’re getting started with a third year of the Praxis Program here at UVa, which is now home base for the new, international Praxis Network!  Last year saw the refinement and reimagining of Prism (not that Prism), a tool created by the first Praxis cohort in 2011-12. Prism is a web application for crowdsourcing interpretation, and for thinking through the relationship of humanities inquiry to the methods and motives of crowdsourcing. This year, the 2013-14 Praxis team will rethink, revive, and (we expect) utterly remake the Ivanhoe Game, another platform for playful, collaborative interpretation of documents and artifacts.

2013-2014 Praxis Fellows include:

Scott Bailey (Religious Studies) Elizabeth Fox (English) Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati (Classical Art & Archaeology) Stephanie Kingsley (English) Francesca Tripodi (Sociology) and Zachary Stone (English)

Keep an eye on the Scholars’ Lab blog for news throughout the year, on the work of all of our wonderful graduate fellows!

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