Scholars' Lab Blog //Welcoming our 2011/12 Graduate Fellows
Blog //Welcoming our 2011/12 Graduate Fellows

The Scholars’ Lab is pleased to welcome our 2011/12 cohort of Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities:

Gabriel Hankins from the Department of English, Randi Lewis from the Corcoran Department of History, and Edward Triplett from the McIntire Department of Art.

Gabriel’s fellowship project will explore global modernisms by “modeling the network of textual relationships between global modernist writers and the social and institutional networks of the League of Nations project.”

Randi will use GIS technology to create digital maps showing “the changing patterns of Salem trade and the global reach of Salem’s maritime economy” during the Early Republic.

Edward will create a database of geo-referenced fortress-monasteries and churches created or occupied by military orders in medieval Spain to begin the process of exploring “how the military orders created a fortified border between Christianity and Islam while displaying varying degrees of cultural permeability across this same border.”

Please plan to join us at the September 2011 Digital Therapy Luncheon where we’ll formally introduce our new Fellows, and they will present a short introduction to their projects.

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