Scholars' Lab Blog //Wireframing fun
Blog //Wireframing fun

Over the last week Stephanie, Eliza, and I (with significant help from Jeremy) have been putting together a wireframe of our product. Partaking in this process has been so exciting and I’ve learned a few key concepts:

  1. I’ve become familiar with using GitHub. By building a repository we’ve been able to collaborate on the same files and build tickets in the system to help us organize what else we need to create as well as assign people on the team to each task.

  2. I feel more confident using HTML, CSS, and Terminal. While I’d still qualify myself as a novice, I am starting to feel a little less lost/scared.

Believe it or not I’ve actually had a great deal of fun working on this mini-team. Using HTML provides an instant-gratification that most academic work lacks. While I might never see the returns on my dissertation, I immediately see the fruits of my labor with HTML and could not help but smile when I would refresh my browser and see my changes appear. Jeremy’s suggestion to actually build out the wireframes was a great one. While our end product isn’t pretty, it definitely is a step in the right direction and I’m looking forward to seeing how our programming team ends up building out this blueprint.

To see our wire-frames to get a preview of what Ivanhoe will do, visit

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