Scholars' Lab Blog //Works in progress: Survey results, Praxis Network
Blog //Works in progress: Survey results, Praxis Network
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This spring marks a new phase for my work with SCI. Data collection for the survey on career paths is complete, and analysis is underway, meaning that the next step will be much more focused on sharing outcomes. In some ways, this is a less comfortable step in the process for me (nerves! public speaking!), but also an exciting and satisfying one.

I’m honored to be giving several invited talks over the next few months:

All talks are open to the public, so please come if you’re in the area! I’d love to see friendly faces, and I’m very much hoping for dynamic discussion at each event.

Also in the spirit of sharing information and outcomes, I’ve been working with Jeremy Boggs on a website that will showcase a small handful of innovative programs for humanities graduate and undergraduate students. I can’t wait to unveil it; the programs are exciting, the website is beautiful, and overall I think it will be very useful for a range of audiences. In particular, I hope that it can be used to support the development of other new programs with similar goals of equipping humanities scholars to excel in the paths that they choose. The site is designed to be something of a response to the survey results—where the survey underscores opportunities for improvement in graduate curricula, the site (called the Praxis Network) points to specific efforts to rethink methodological training with an eye toward collaboration, project-driven scholarship, and public engagement.

Finally, I’m incredibly pleased to be presenting a long paper at DH2013 in July that will include elements of the survey as well as the Praxis Network, and I’m working on a final report to be published around the same time. We’ll also publish the data so that others can build on the research we’ve done in the past year.

It seems crazy, but by the time the DH conference rolls around, my time at SCI will be nearly finished. I’m thrilled that I’ll have so many opportunities to share our work between now and then.

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