People // Nora Benedict
Graduate Fellow, 2016-2017

Nora’s research focuses on twentieth-century Latin American literature, descriptive bibliography, the intersection of digital and print culture, and the question of interpretation as influenced by textual materiality. Her dissertation, “The Fashioning of Jorge Luis Borges: Magazines, Books, and Print Culture in Argentina, 1930-1951,” focuses on the marked presence of books (and book production) in this Argentine writer’s life by examining the physical features of his works, which she reads through the lens of analytical bibliography and material studies. During her fellowship year, she will be working with the team of experts in the Scholars’ Lab to create a digital project that allows her to think deeply about the spatial (and temporal) evolution of the process of publication (with a variety of different mapping programs such as Neatline) in Jorge Luis Borges’s Argentina (1930-1951).