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I love lists. Here’s one I’m thankful for: The things I’ve learned since I started Prism (including those I learned indirectly):

  • How to negotiate a common charter.

  • How to navigate, edit in and configure Vim.

  • How to write JavaScript to make a reading interface on the web.

  • How to read Ruby.

  • The key principles of programming: a) Assignments; b) Iteration; c) I/O; d) Conditionals; e) Boolean Operations; and d) Data Structures.

  • The difference between an object and a method.

  • How to feed hungry functions.

  • The three parts of a Rails app: a) Views, b) Controller and c) Model.

  • To keep a portfolio of favorite designs.

  • When a constrained vocabulary meets an unbound vocabulary, magic happens.

  • How to test before you code… and watch Henry at the same time.

  • The licenses for software are different than the licenses for other media (I know, I’m slow).

  • How to use the terminal for almost everything (sorry @sramsay, still like my eye-candy).

  • How to Git with my eyes closed.

  • The basics of GIS (thanks, Kelly!)

  • How to run an Omeka-driven classroom.

  • How to run a LAMP test server on a virtual machine.

  • How it all ties together.

  • How greedy I am for more.

Bonus: What I will learn next week:

  • How to interact with an API (In my case, Zotero and Juxta will be my first dates)
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