Scholars' Lab Blog //Praxis Program week 2
Blog //Praxis Program week 2

Tuesday saw the second weekly meeting of the team involved in the Scholars’ Lab’s Praxis Program.  The conversation largely revolved around coalescing the groups’ thoughts on their project charter.

While the specifics of the formal charter are still being ironed out—and will be shared shortly—the group identified four high-level principles to help guide the approach of the project:

  • Open and Frequent Communication

  • When in Doubt, Ask (both inter-personal & training/help)

  • Getting to Know You/Staying Conscious of Interdisciplinary/Weekly Show & Tell (in other words, sharing individual expertise and interest)

  • Entire group reviews claims for credit for all derivatives

So what’s on tap for the rest of this week?  First off, the students got a crash course on installing Vim, a text editor used by members of the Scholars’ Lab’s development team for writing code.  Now they have to figure out how to use it.

Secondly, they’ve got another blog post to do.  If they choose to, they can tackle some of the issues we also discussed during the meeting on evaluating digital work.   In particular, Jeremy posed them this prompt: take a look at one or more the sites we listed.  What’s one big thing that you would change?  Why would you change it?  And, perhaps most interestingly, don’t forget that your change isn’t just for you alone.  Keep the other members of the site’s audience in mind.  How would your suggested change improve/alter their experience?

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