Scholars' Lab Blog //Welcoming our 2012/13 Praxis Fellows
Blog //Welcoming our 2012/13 Praxis Fellows

Before things get too hectic here this week with #prismlaunch, we wanted to briefly turn our attention to next year to say how excited we are to announce and welcome the 2012/13 Praxis Fellows to the second year of the program! They are:

  • Cecilia Márquez, History

  • Chris Peck, Music

  • Claire Maiers, Sociology

  • Gwen Nally, Philosophy

  • Shane Lin, History

  • Sophia Gu, English

We’re particularly excited about the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of this new cohort.  While they may well end up extending the Prism tool developed by this year’s project participants, they will bring their own unique combination of disciplinary perspective and technical and social know-how to the program and we look forward to seeing where we end up going together.  We can’t wait to get started with them in the fall.

As always, Praxis 2012/13 will be a journey shared in the open: follow developments at

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