Omeka Plugins
Omeka Plugins

Our work on Omeka is oriented toward adapting it for use in research and special collections libraries and with scholarly digital projects that build on library- or museum-managed archival resources. Our major Omeka project is Neatline, but we’ve also done recent work on UVA Special Collections exhibits and a project in collaboration with architectural historian Louis Nelson.

We’ve developed the following plugins for the Omeka platform

  • Bagit: Implements the BagIt specification for storing and transporting collections of files.

  • FedoraConnector: FedoraConnector will make it possible to use objects from a Fedora Commons repository inside Omeka. This will permit users to comment on, annotate, and curate objects in the Fedora repository while using the simple, easy-to-learn Omeka interface.

  • Neatline:  allows scholars, students, and curators to tell stories with maps and timelines. As a suite of add-on tools for Omeka, it opens new possibilities for hand-crafted, interactive spatial and temporal interpretation.

  • NeatlineFeatures: NeatlineFeatures will allow users to visually manipulate geographic features with simple editors and combine features with material from NeatlineMaps to create even more powerful interactive maps.

  • NeatlineMaps: NeatlineMaps connects the powerful open-source geospatial server GeoServer and Omeka. It permits users to ingest georeferenced images into Omeka and use them as parts of interactive maps.

  • NeatlineTime: Allows users to create customized timelines of Omeka items and events, and provides the ability to browse an Omeka archive on a timeline.

  • SolrSearch: Use the Solr search engine with Omeka.

We’ve developed the following themes for the Omeka platform

We’ve also worked on some experimental plugins:

  • EADImporter: EADImporter opens archival connections by allowing users to absorb Encoded Archival Description XML documents (the standard way for archives to describe their contents) into an Omeka repository.

  • GenericXmlImporter: Import any arbitrary, flat XML data in to Omeka

  • NeatlineWebService: Provides a public-facing facade for the Neatline plugin that makes it possible for public users to create accounts and use Neatline as a hosted web application.

  • TeiDisplay: Render TEI files in HTML form that are attached to Omeka items.

  • VRACoreElementSet: Bring the VRA Core Element Set in to Omeka